What are SEO Articles?

What are SEO Articles?
SEO Articles are web content that has a specified number of keywords. For example, an article, that may be part of a Learning Library or Knowlege Center on a website, may contain 17 repetitions of a particular keyword. For a 1000 word article, that is 1.7% keywords density.

Keyword density has been debated to death as many already know, and in general the consensus seems to be that keyword density is somewhat of a red herring. Most will agree that chasing after a mythical formula of keyword density that will give a first page ranking is almost a complete waste of time. Nevertheless, having keywords on your page is better than not having them on your page.

How many keywords should I have on my pages?

There is no clear answer and really no way to find out. In the past, the ‘follow the leader’ strategy worked but no longer. It used to be possible to analyze the top ranking sites in your area, and copy everything that they are doing and you would rank as well. Those days are long gone. However, there are a few things that you can do and here are a few tips:

Make it look natural. Repeat keywords 2 or 3 times (in 500 word articles) as a bare minimum.

Use secondary keywords. Brainstorm and research alternative keywords. Come up with a list of primary, secondary and third level keywords, as well as synonyms. Each primary keyword becomes an article and is usually included in the title. Secondary keywords should be included in sub headings.

The goal of having different levels of keywords is so that anyone can still tell what the articles is about if the primary keyword is taken out.

For more information on SEO articles, see my post on Anatomy of a Content Site and my post on Google loves Broad Content, and Content Sites Sell

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