Victoria gets a spanking

Here are three Victoria homes of note, now suffering Mr. Market’s spanking.

  • Eagles Landing.” 3275 Campion Rd . Originally listed at $10.8 million. Now $6.7 million.
  • Ardmore Hall.” 9344 Ardmore Drive. First listed at $13 million, then reduced to $8.4 million, then $7.99 million, and (this week) $6,188,000.
  • Villa Madrona.” 660 Lands End Road. It hit the market at $19.2 million, became $18.7 million, then $9.9 million, and (this week) $6,998,000

The total dollar reduction for these three homes is almost $27 million, for an average decline of 57.5%. Bankruptcy trustees are circling like vultures?

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