Unemployed? Start a Web Business

WASHINGTON — When Bob Bernstein, 60, was laid off from his job as a real estate broker at the height of the recession in 2008, he says he had a feeling it would be a really long time before he found a job in his field again.

“Like everyone else, I asked myself, what do I do now?” Bernstein said. “The real estate market was going down, so I was not going to find another broker position.”

Since there were no jobs in his field, Bernstein decided he was going to have to create a job for himself. He had owned some retail clothing stores for about fifteen years, but he no longer had the energy to deal with landlords, bring in inventory, hire employees and maintain hours. So he decided to take all his entrepreneurial ideas to the web.

“I thought that with the right domain name, whatever creative concept I could come up with could generate some income and maybe even compete against the big guys,” Bernstein told HuffPost.

There really is more opportunity than time – See here for more Start Up Ideas.

Start off small and build every day, as per Brett Tabke’s advice from 2002 – It really does work! Takes a year or 2, but you can be enjoying an above average income and lots of time off.

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