The iEconomy

The New York Times has a very interesting feature article on the iEconomy this weekend –  Well worth a read.  Lots of people making APPs and billions of dollars in sales, which is great, but lots of the employment going overseas, and while a (very) few have made millions, and the hype is huge, making a living selling APPs, like any small business is a tough slog though ultimately worthwhile.

The most interesting part of the article is the comment section.  Sound advice for any Entrepreneur.

The moment you decide to create and sell apps, you have decided to go into business.

It’s not the “great idea” that will bring success. They are cheap; even worthless. They only gain value when you create a business structure around them and they reach the people who need them the most.

This article completely missed the main problem. These people did not create businesses. They did not do their homework first. The fundamentals are missing. It is no different than going into battle without a plan, weapons or protection.

It is *not* the idea! It is the *execution* of that idea.










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