Canadian Economic Outlook

Not terrible but still not good – Note negative investment in Residential Housing in 2011. On the positive side, the CDN$ should appreciate against the US$ by almost 25% by 2011 which is great news for anyone earning US$.

And speaking of Housing – Oh dear, its very bad

Others disagree – it really is terrible

Personal Bankruptcies are off the scale

Which is slightly skewed as the rules changed last year prompting a rush. Now bankruptcies can be handled by a ‘proposal’ which basically means you will pay some of the outstanding rather than getting a clean slate. Bankruptcies statistics should fall this year as ‘proposals’ aren’t captured but the problem still remains and is very serious.

and consumer debt continues to rise

Think that we don’t have a SubPrime Mortgage issue like the Americans? Think Again.

While the outlook remains bleak and likely to continue in this vein for some time, there are industries that have weathered the recession:

55 Jobs that grew in 2010
Jobs that are expected to grow over the next 10 years

Top 25 fastest growing industries

Survival, and hopefully prospering for the next 2 – 4 years means aligning with these industries.

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