Increasing Visibility on Google

Google Spamcop Matt Cutts has produced a series of instructions Q & A video on a variety of topics of interest to webmasters. See the Full list of Videos

I was particularly interested in a few comments that he made regarding a good site. When asked how to increse visibility on Google, he replies,

    1. The #1 thing [problem] is not making their site crawlable. Look at your site using a text browser. Sitemaps are important.

    2. Good content that is interesting and that other people will want to link to.

    3. Think about the people that are relevant and make sure they know about you. ie get relevant links.

He goes on further,

    When I was setting up this video I was looking for tutorials and there was a site with all the tutorials, oh and by the way, you can buy our equipment to do that. That is really really smart.

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